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हमारे ग्राहक क्या कहते हैं

Comment: I'm giving 5 stars not because I have any amazing results to report (yet) but because the theory and use of it are top notch. I am just after about 3 weeks and 160 hours of use, averaging about 8 hours a day 6 days a week. I haven't wanted to measure until 500 hours to see if any change took place but did cheat last week and surprisingly saw my 6.5 erection (base to tip, 7.25 BPEL) was about an 1/8th of an inch longer. Now, I measured for about two weeks over and over before starting to get an average and got slight variations in the measurement but was never that high in any of them so.... gives me motivation. I had a broken pump a week in but they sent it out within 48 hours so was appreciative of that. I have the PLUS as well and took me about a week or so to get it right but now spend about 5-6 hours on the belt and then at night in bed I can get 2-4 hours in the PLUS (I like the different pull). The tension reading is a bit deceptive as you can see t! he green to red marker can be moved without much change in the tension by how you sit or move. So I go by feel. Nice pull where I feel there is a decent stretch. The vacuum does slip a bit depending and the sleeves I can see are starting to loosen so I will probably be ordering more in a couple weeks (using medium sleeve and bell so far). Anyway, am hoping in a few months after 1000 hours to report .75-1 inch. Girth I am also tackling with a water pump, but give it less permanent confidence than the Phallosan. But, at 5.25 in girth would like to at least get over 5.5.

Comment: I wanted to write a short review. The product is amazing but a few items to consider is that for myself the the first 4 weeks not a lot of change in length but then noticeable changes. I started at just under 7.5 inches and now over 8.25" and want to get to over 9". I started at between 5 and 6 hours a day and then read best results at 10 hours per day. You will need to purchase extra sleeves as they stretch out as I started with the large bell and now with the XL. The head of your penis starts to slip out so buy extra sleeves and gets uncomfortable! Track your time and look to that first 350 - 400 hours as an investment with OK results and then WATCH as you are at the top of the yellow and tighten it up for the last 2 hours of the day.

Comment: Great great product. Have both the forte and the plus and have made impressive gains, not only in length but girth aswell. Used different brand items in the past and found them painful to wear so gave up on them in general The phallosan can be work for many many hours without any pain at all In fairness, you wouldn't even know you were wearing it!!! I think it's great

Comment: I started using PF in July 2019, put in 8-9 hours a day/6 days a week for around 3.5 months. My BPFSL was 16.1 cm after 5 weeks (Did not measure before start up) and had reached 17.0 cm in mid October when I had to take a break for various reasons. By end of March I decided to start up again and to my big surprise my BPFSL had grown to 18.0 cm during my five months break. My BPEL was 17.5 cm. After a week of conditioning with rather few hours a day I am now into my third week with 10 hours a day/6 days a week. I am applying mid red in tension and plan to put in 1500 hours . My goal is a BPEL of minimum 18.5 cm and I feel confident that the PF will provide it before the end of this year. Great product that has worked very well for me.

Comment: I have been using the phallosan for a week now. I finally decided to order because of the COVID-19 discount and the fact that I was just layed off with 30 weeks severance so I suddenly have the time. It takes a few days to get the hang of getting it on and off quickly. Work with in on a finger first to get the hang of how the pump works. The sleeves take a few tries to get right as well. By the end of the first week it goes on and off quickly. No problem at all. I gave it 4 stars because I do not yet know the end results, but I CAN tell you that it is WAAAYYYY more comfortable than I thought it would be. I was wearing for 8 hours + starting the first day. 2nd week I am just wearing it 100% of the time. You can also wear it almost anywhere and it is invisible. The large bell size does create a bit of a bulge but it’s easily hidden with shirt folds and wastebands. I don’t see any reason why I won’t have a 5 star review in six months. Fingers crossed!

Comment: Do not hesitate anymore, after five years of dealing with peyronies and my penis literally shrinking from 7.5 to 4.25 I purchased and started using on Feb 14th and after just a little over five weeks I have literally went from the small cup and sleeve to the medium cup and small sleeve to the medium cup and medium sleeve! This thing is so comfortable to wear sleeping and it is making such a difference! It feels so good to here my wife tell me how well it is working!

Comment: It’s been just a few weeks Super comfortable. Can wear for 12-15 hours a day no problem. Just not sure the tension is enough to bring growth even on red. Hopefully it is and I can post back after 1,000 hours with some good news.

Comment: Great product! I’ve been using it for 2 years for mild peyronne’s curvature and it has totally kept it at bay. In addition to being nearly straight now, I’ve gone from 4 1/2 “to 7 1/4” in length and my girth has also nearly doubled. I have however been alternating it everyday with a vacuum pump (***) and the *** (both great products as well. ) Between all 3, I’ve managed to stop the progression of Peyronnie’s and enlarged my member nicely. The phallosan is the most comfortable to wear and so I am now ordering the Phallosan + which is an additional kit that resembles the *** system but is probably more comfortable. I highly recommend phallosan. It really works and helps to get the blood flow up to the glans and swells your member nicely over time.

Comment: Really good, i sleep in mine, its that comfortable, only had it two weeks but allready getting rock hard erections, and i am 64,will review again in three months to see if ive got extra length. Regards chris.

Comment: The product is truly amazing, i was not sure at first if it will work, but it turns out great so far !

Comment: I have been using this produkt for 3 weeks. I think i wore it wrong under that period. I woke up and my erection is actually bigger i feel like i grew one centimeter by wearing it correct for one day

Comment: I’m on month 3 and I have 1010 hours I average from 10-18 hours daily for the last 3 months a couple of days I had 21 hours it so comfortable it feels like part of my body my flaccid dick went from 4 inches to 4 3/4 inch and girth went from 3 1/4 to 4 inches this has been exciting can’t hardly wait till I achieve 2 inches in length and get my girth to 5 inches. I’m actually proud not to be shy at the gym after shower as my dick is longer and thicker it pretty cool goin* to the scale nude and weighing my self and walkin* back to my locker I’m a swimmer and have a lean body and my new gains look awesome thank you Phallson Forte I’m workin to my goal of 2000 hours wearing the phallson Forte

Comment: The product is truly amazing, i was not sure at first if it will work, but it turns out great so far !

Comment: Phallosan are truly fast and adequate in service, as good as their excellent products. They evidently work well even for mature men...

Comment: I am approaching 1000 hours of wear (I'm at 985 right now) over a six month time frame. I have gained 3/4 inch in length erect (started at 5 1/4 inches). I began with a goal of gaining 2 inches while erect and I won't stop until I get there. But this product really does work. I had some doubt when I first bought it. It truly is amazing.

Comment: This works. You just have to be committed & be patient.

Comment: The product is perfect. I truly like it.

Comment: to be very honest with you guys,when I finally got my phallosan I found it hard to wear for 1 hour due to my inability to set and adjust it perfectly to my body size,after two weeks I found a perfect setting for my self , which was the base foam ring I pass it under my scrotal sac i.e under my balls, then I draw the belt to release pressure and give more space in my scrotal sac. Now I wear this 12hours and planning to wear 23hours. This is so comfortable such that I only remember am wearing it any time I want to pee. But the only issue is with the seelve condum it get weaken as you contantly use it,it potent to get hold of the penis get weaken as weeks pass. But over all this this the best ever in history I have not measured my length since I started wearing but I know am going for 2 inch and am not stopping.. Will update my achievement next 2020 So I started Oct 2019 my update will be April 2020. The will stop wearing if I achieve that my then So 8inch or 7.9inch is my target

Comment: A Big Thank You to the Person / Team Who Made Their Vision a Reality. I'm Grateful for This Product!! I'm on Month Four and Have Gained a Solid .5 Inches Erect. Started at 5.5 Just Over 6.0. I Wear 10-12 Hours Per Day 6 Days a Week During the Day. FOR GUYS LOSING SUCTION OFTEN THROUGHOUT THE DAY I FINALLY CAME ACROSS A WORK AROUND THAT WORKS GREAT. The Condom Sleeve is Just Slightly to Big in Diameter for Me, I Often Get Great Suction at First But Always Ended Up Losing it Through Bending Over and Especially Sitting. So After Much Screwing Around, Trying Rubber Bands, and Other Methods I Took One of My Extra Protector Caps and Cut the Tip Off. I Then Place IT Over My Shaft Like a Sleeve. Then I Put Everything On Like Normal. The Extra Layer from the Cap Creates a Very Even and Thicker Surface for the Condom to Pressurize Against. I Have Had Excellent Retention of Vacuum For 10+ Hours With All Various Movements. I Hope This Helps. The Foam Band Itself, I Had to Replace with a Home Made Special Setup of My Own, The Foam Ring Was Giving Me Too Much of a Burning Sensation To Deal With.

Comment: I've got approx 250 hours strapped in so far, staying in the green/yellow tension bars - green when standing, gets to yellow when sitting. This is the first review I've ever written for anything because it's been life changing. I'm 38 and had a 30 degree curve upwards. As an adolescent, once I got an erection, I would bend my penis back towards my body to hide it lol, no joke! As time went on, it stayed that way once erect. Not a good confidence booster for dating. However I did date successfully and have been married for 6 years with 2 kids - so it was fully functional, just aesthitically unappealing. Went to urologist for possible treatment and said traction therapy should cure it. I tried manual stretches, jelqs etc, nothing happened. Purchased a popular brand traction device, but couldn't wear for more than a few hours, extremely bulky, not discreet and hurt like crazy... Bit the bullet and got the Phallosan Forte. Expensive - yes, comfortable - yes, customer service - 6/5 stars (somehow broke tension clip and shipped replacement ASAP foc), is it working for me - YES. Reason for the testimonial is in 250 hours my wife; not me couldn't believe the results. She didn't think it was "mine" anymore. I've been experiencing more! girth growth than anything, and it's fixed approximately 10 degrees curvature thus far. 3 - 4 times a week I also use a water based pump - which in and if itself didn't do much on it's own. Really can't testify to length due to the curve, but it has gotten about 1/2 inch (erect) consistently longer in the water based pump measuring gauge. I wear Phallosan Forte in 5-6 hour blocks at work and at home and does not bother me at all. As a matter of fact I try to wear it as much as I can, sometimes I can't even tell it's on! This has been one of the best experiences for such a private topic. Hope I keep getting straighter and straighter, looks very promising! Thank you Phallosan, thank you Phallosan customer service! Real review, real person, sitting at my real desk at my office, wearing the device as I'm writing this!

Comment: I started using phallonsan forte seven weeks ago. I was a little into PE 10 years ago, did manual stretches, wet jelqs mainly. I also bought an extender, used it a few months but not very regularly as it was very painful to wear more than an hour at the time. In a 3-6 months period I gained around 2 cm in BPEL. In ten years it seems I have lost app 1 cm of those gains , hence very motivated to regain the loss plus hopefully gain more. After wearing PF a few hours daily for half a week I started wearing it for 8 hours 6 days a week, split in two 4 hour sessions . From week five onwards I increased the wearing time to 9 hours 6 days a week. I started out on 2/3 high green, then went to low yellow for a few weeks and now I have the tension set at high yellow/low red. I noticed a fuller/longer flaccid after 4 weeks but did my first measurement after 5 weeks. BPSFL was then 16.1 cm. One week later it has increased to 16.5 so I am very happy so far with the product. Plan to stick to current regime of 54 hours a week/one resting day and the current tension as long as I am still gaining. A little tip: I noticed some dicomfort from the foam ring on my shaft and decided to put a cotton pad between the shaft and the foam ring. This has made it easy to wear the PF for many hours with no discomfort. I also change direction every 2-3 hours to avoid any discomfort.

Comment: I have been using Phallosan forte since the start of the year. Although, I had the tensioning clip break on my a couple of times, once repaired I have been doing about 10 hours a day x 5 days a week. Since January, my flaccid length has increased from 5.2" to a solid 7" and girth from 5" to 5.7" I have great erections and feel great with consistent gains if I use consistently. Now that I have gains some solid volume, I have not been as consistent. I also like the tracking software. However, I would recommend an actual time elapsed each day, and also a way to see the trend of the intermediate results entered.

Comment: I have been using Phallosan Forte off and on for about 6months now,I have Pyronies disease,and my urologist,was a lame mother f#%***r,who didn’t help at all or gave me any hope that it could be straight again,so I never went back to him,I have done all the research myself,wasted money on products that didn’t work,and some of them were even painful to wear and materials that they were made of was questionable at best,my penis was about 6 1/4 long and after peyronies it was only like 5 and bent downwards,I’m 64 yrs old but over all in good health with with an athletic built with no major medical issues,was married for 30yrs and now I’m single and having fun till PD appeared what a bummer I was really freaked out over it and like I said my Dr. was lame MF,fortunately I ran into the Phallosan forte website bought the product ,and even though I haven’t been as diligent in using as I should,because of my living situation, I have seen a very positive and encouraging change in my curvature, my penis looks straighter now that I’m using the device daily and my length is improving and getting back to normal, even though I hope to be at least 7 1/2 or 8 so I can get that nice size penis and straight as it should be,the product works and I’m so glad I ran into their website, nothing bad to say about it,even their support team is awesome,broke one the condoms that goes on your shaft,called them sent a picture of broken part,they were very helpful and very quick to respond,and like that wasn’t enough they sent me and extra one at no cost,these people are very professional and helpful,and their product works AWESOME!!!!!

Comment: i beeen using since 20013 off and on cause i had a slight Peyronie and looked convincing so i gave it a try.. now i am straight as an arrow i started as 4.5 now i am at 7 i used to use a small cup now i use a xl cup girls be looking at it n be like u got a black person's dick lol i am happy with the result but you gotta be patient things will break apart over time. make sure to get that baby powder also shave any hair on your shaft to make no air leeways between sleeve and shaft i used almost a year without shaving cauing air to seep out... don't makje that mistak

Comment: I have been using PHALOSAN forte for several years now. I am blown away with my personal results. The is by far and away the greatest penis enlargement pump on the market. Take this from a guy who has been at this for a while. I have tried a whole cadre of pumps and things and this is the most comfortable thing out there. Comfort is key guys because this is not something that occurs overnight. This requires diligence. Spend the money and put some time into this and you will not be disappointed. This is a real review, from a real guy. Customer Service is amazing as well. Parts will break down in time, as does every other visible thing in the physical world. They will always deliver the service that you expect. They are not going anywhere. They have been here for me and they will be there for you. They stand by their product. Good luck guys !! Spend the money here or you may waste it elsewhere.

Comment: Have had issues for several weeks trying to use the equipment effectively. With some feedback from me they were able to isolate the problem and replaced the Bell at no charge. Excellent service

Comment: Amazing product, can wear all day with no slippage x

Comment: I am very happy with the Phallosan forte I purchased in December. It is very comfortable and I can wear it for extended periods of time, including overnight. The suction ball malfunctioned, but upon request the Phalloson forte team promptly responded by sending me a replacement.

Comment: Ive had the phallosan for 3 days. Using the medium bell and sleeve. Very comfortable to wear, very easy to put on and take off. Started Nov 7th 2018 BPEL 6."6 EG 5.1". Will be making measurements every 250 hrs and will post results. King

Comment: Excellent customer services, and the product... it really works.

Comment: Only started using Phallosan forte and had a minor issue with one of the sleeves. The support I received was exceptional and can only describe the service as EXCELLENT. They dispatched a spare part at no cost and sent me the notification immediately. I didn't even ask for the part spare as I had a spare sleeve with the original delivery and it was not a major concern for me. Excellent service with no questions asked.

Comment: Definetly works used on and off for inch gain so going to stick to plan for permanent gains and more but will take a while ile try to stick to a year regular use and go from there so plan ahead

Comment: Its Comfortable! Had this and s*** ******** this is hands down, by far better.

Comment: I have been using the p*** p*** for awhile now. Decided to try out the phallosan forte! What a difference! Since I put on the PF I could feel the difference.... To make it short I will no loner be using the p*** p***... I did get growth with the pump but its not as comfortable as the phallosan forte. Scale from 1-10 I give this an 11.. .

Comment: Really excellent customer service, I needed a part which wasn’t available on their home page but was made easy to get the part I was after with they’re excellent customer service. Response time was surprisingly really good within a few minutes I got a response via email.

Comment: Only had it less than a week and I ripped one of the sleeves try to put it on the cap. Emailed Phallosan got a quick response and the new one is on its way free of charge. How great is that for service . I’ll update when I make gains hopefully.thanks a lot Phallosan

Comment: Originally bought this for a minor curve I haven’t been using it properly because of my work, despite this 2-3 weeks of use I can see a little change in the curve while in flaccid. Erection defenetly improved, and yh no dought you can sleep with it just takes time to get use to sleeping in control on your back constantly but you can get use to it. I had so many questions some really basic some not and I emailed them, always got a response. I like it is very good and I made the best choice of getting this one rather then any other. Only problem is when you first get it and you never used these products you feel confused and don’t know where to start from or even do it wrong I was doing it wrong for the first week. In any case I advise watching the videos and doing exactly how they do it mean while ask them questions if you confused or having problem these guys tend to respond really fast once you get the hang of it which I garamtee you will as long as you ask questions then you will start seeing results As stated just starting using it for 2-3 weeks now and I do see slight change In curve I have and that’s my main goal. And erection is supper lol One thing I can say trust me get this device but try understand how to use it fully get the hang of it fully I dought you will not like it unlike other extenders from my research phallasann works more gentle meaning you get to take it easy don’t kill your self with the stretch you got to stay in green mostly or all the time is meant to be gentle stretch I realised this after 2 weeks lol and now I feel even better. So yh get the hang of it it be impossible to like this device and I never leave feed back this is the first time coz this company really does deserve it.

Comment: I have contacted PF customer service regarding my equipment and best practice. On each occasion I have received prompt and beneficial advice. I have been using PF for three months with signs i’m Beginning to see improvement. As it’s generally comfortable and importantly discreet I will continue to wear it for a year and then reassess. Well recommended.

Comment: I contacted customer care with regards to a pump that was not holding pressure. I had just received the product a few days before. I tried all the suggestions in the video with out success. I received a response the same day saying a replacement pump was in the mail. I’m looking forward to using this product with great hope of fixing a peyronies curvature Thanks for the integrity you demonstrated by your quick to response. Terry

Comment: I ve used M*** E*** couple months but it is very painful, this Phallosan is very confortable and if you are active in your work it works good , I VE GAINED 2 INCHES IN A YEAR 9 HOURS, MON-FRI GREEN ALMOST YELLOW, it is dicrete and works , It is not cheap but has a lot of value , good manufacturing product , Excelent Matierials with certifications, DONT BE CHEAP DUDE IT IS YOUR DICK!

Comment: I had a technical query which Phallosan replied promptly and gave me tips on how to make sure my equipment was working efficiently.

Comment: It’s taken over 3 yrs,to have an improvement ,but,I’ve loved the product.The sleeves need to be longer, because,if your uncircumcised then you catch loose skin and it can be uncomfortable. So please Julian,tell your manufactures to lengthen the protecetive sleeves by at least one inch. The product is great

Comment: It’s taken over 3 yrs,to have an improvement ,but,I’ve loved the product.The sleeves need to be longer, because,if your uncircumcised then you catch loose skin and it can be uncomfortable. So please Julian,tell your manufactures to lengthen the protecetive sleeves by at least one inch. The product is great

Comment: Probably the best service i have ever experienced. And as we all know the PE industry does not give a shit about their customers and just want to sell u crap (well basically thats most industries in a nutshell). The point is these guys have responded to every single email of mine and have helped me thoroughly through any of my enquiries. I cant express my gratitude enough to their product and their service. Everything: website, product & service is top notch. I can understand many ppl saying its an expensive product but if u think about it is NOTHING compared to what you get. You pay 340dollars to permanently grow your dick without surgery which would leave you with scars, can possibly turn boomerang on your length (due to possible fibrosis from tissue healing) and costs thousands of dollars. So what you get with 340dollars is the best product out there which bloody works. Its all relative. Yes 340 in general is a lot, but if they told u to pay 340 to grow your dick permanently would u say no? The only challenge is that you need patience, consistency and perseverance. I do not know of any male who would say no on enlarging his dick for 340. Plus the main point of the product its really comfortable and absolutely discrete! I wear my jeans slim fit, with the medium bell and it cant be noticed. Therefore i get my hours in which is basically the key.. Yes theres a learning curve and once u get there its nothing. Its a routine like washing your teeth and one day your dick will just be bigger. Its like wearing glasses. You feel them on your head but they dont bother you. During rest days (once per week) i feel thats somethings missing. If youre on the verge of buying it or not, just do it(see shia labeouf haha). Time will pass whether you this thing or not(you dont say). Why not enlarge your dick during that time? All the best to everyone whos enlarging their unit!

Comment: Before ordering Phallosan I had tried an extender that used straps and nooses (S*** G*******) which I had a horrible experience with. I could almost never get the thing on and when I did get it on I couldn't walk properly for fear of it falling off. I would literally spend an hour per day just trying to get the thing on properly. I just received Phallosan in the mail and tried it right away. With the instructions and videos on the FAQ site I was able to easily get it on in less than 5 min, which is great for the first time. (I recommend being somewhat erect for the protection cap). It is so comfortable and THERE IS NO SLIPPAGE! Again I just received it so I can't speak to gains yet but it feels amazing! Thank you...

Comment: This company doesn't just take your money, cut and run they stand behind their product. I've been using this product for quite a while, well over a year, and I had a belt clip fail on me. I email the support department, no questions ask, they promptly replaced the belt clip for me, so I was able to continue with my program. Great support system for their customers, very professional.

Comment: Ive used this for a 10 months 8 to 9 hours per day in green almost yellow mark 1.8 inches gained i ve tryied male edge but it is a super painful and not to much discrete, im electritian and i need movement in my work and discreation, this shit is awasome, only you need patience and thats it my goal 8 inches actual I think 2 more years and ill finish my tratment. Thank you Phallosan

Comment: I've use this product now for 10 months. I started with a 5.2" erect penis. Now I'm at 6" and depending on the erection I max at 6.5". I can say this product does work and stay with your program. My goal is to be 7" and I'll be just fine with that gain. I don't know how much longer it will take to reach my goal but I'm going to stay with it and continue with my stretching for 16 hours a day.

Comment: Much more comfortable than other extenders easy to use 8 plus hours a day just follow instructions on 3rd week so far will do another review once done 1000 hours

Comment: I've been wearing phallosan for incurvate problems and I'm happy to say that I've experienced an improvement in that area, I'll keep on using Phallosan to see further improvements. The support is very helpful and fast so thanks a lot for that!

Comment: It's great!

Comment: This Phallosan device is amazing! I have used and spent many dollars on penis enlargement! I'm so happy I came across this amazing product! I have been using this for a month now and I'm starting to see great results from the ease and comfortability Of using this 8 hours a day without any problems or discomfort! Only thing that's a inconvenience is when you have to go bathroom during your exercise regimen. Other than that, I love it! I highly, highly recommend this for men who wants great results and comfort of a device that should win an award for its design and real results! Thank you Phallosan for an awesome product. Aloha from Hawaii And thank you Mike

Comment: Extenders require time. Time gives results. Only if feeling comfortable someone can wear an extender and get results. Phallosan is more than comfortable. It becomes part of you! Support is excellent! Phallosan team are professionals!

Comment: I have used and bought countless products to stretch ! Nothing compares to this Phallosan Forte! It's so easy and very comfortable to wear. I use mine for about 8 hours a day with no problems! I'm so happy I spent the money on this devise. And I recommend it to my friends. Great job Phallosan team Aloha Mike

Comment: thanks for the fast shipping

Comment: I've owned several extenders with no luck as they are painful. With the key to lengthening being stress over time, there is no other legitimate option than Phallosan. With a little practice, extremely easy to get on/off, and I can wear it 10 or more hours per day in comfort. To assist with comfort, I switch directions after several hours of use; this helps greatly. Looking forward to results, but really impressed with the product thus far.

Comment: I bought phallosan for penis enlargment and some erectile issues i have. Though i have it four months officially i am commited to it, the last two months. I am wearing it around 6 hours per day (i will try for more hours). I gained already 1 cm on my erect length and i feel my penis much healthier. A week before the sensor (with the green,yellow, red indicator) broke. I took a picture of it and sent it at phallosan service e-mail asking what to do and in less than 5 days they sent me a new one. Very satisfied with the product and with the service responce. 5 stars.

Comment: I gonna give it 4 stars for now i wanna hit the 1000 hours first... as for comfort it's the best out there what makes it so speacial is you can wear it through the metal detectors if it gives me more length and girth then it's well worth it

Comment: Received very efficient and prompt email information about the delivery of the phallosan. Can't wait to order it and see the results. Thank you

Comment: Thanks to the careful shiping!!!

Comment: Outstanding costumer service...very friendly and quick response

Comment: AMAZING! One thing people are forgetting, is that it not only stretches. But it improves CIRCULATION my erections feel like I am 14 again. The suction bell causes more blood to engorge and thus stimulates weaker blood vessles to grow. This is an unsung positive that I was not expecting... Highly recommend!

Comment: A month ago I ordered for Phallosan Forte and they delivered to me immedietly. During use I have some problem with the protector cap and asked the Phallosan team. They urgently sent to me a new one for free without any delay. It is great, they provide excellent services to their customers. According to my study and recent experience about many products for PE, I found the Phallosan Forte as compare to others is wonderful and very comfortable in use. I suggest to all, buy Phallosan Forte and save your money in response you will get excellent results. I thanks the support team for their best services at all. Good luck- Saleem

Comment: Had for 3 weeks worn 8hrs a day. Take off switch sides. Already see improvements. I am getting less curved and longer and fatter at flaccid. Takes some schooling to put on correctly but can do it in 30 seconds or less now. Remember the talc. I also recommend I have some discomfort at the base after 2 hours but it is minor pinching and you can feel a decent stretch without pains on the head or cold head (which other enlargers give) due to lack of bloodflow. Also observing new venous growth in the tissue on the sides. My erections are stonger. My penis is 6" flaccid so I have to be careful getting too much tension. I also think weekends are important for rest and repair. I am 18cm hope to hit the 25cm mark one day. Only gripe is they need more XL silcone condoms thats why should medium get 2? Also I recommend duct tape around the ring under where the device velcro from the strap is. Customer service is great!

Comment: I have been using this for almost 2 weeks. before i was on an extender which was a pain in the butt to have on. I have gained probably 1/4" so far and i know this will help me get longer! great product and excellent quality!

Comment: There are no words to describe the Phallosan Forte because it is definitely the best on the market. The first 2 days I kept it for 7 hours; from the 3rd day as it is so comfortable to wear I keep it for 12 hours and more. The support team is fabulous. I had a problem with attachment clip and immediately after a few a minutes when they were contacted they sent me a new clip!

Comment: I have bought almost every device on the market during the last 10 year in order to enlarge my penis. It is obvious that stretching is the way to go about it, but the problem with most devices is that it is simply too painful to use for several hours, which in turn makes it very difficult to reach the 1000 hour- mark. This, however, is not a problem with the Phallosan. I have worn in aprox 10 hours/day the last week. Before that I used it 2-3 hours/day for about 1 week, just to get used to wearing it. I see now that there will be NO problem to reach the 1000 hours and even more. I havent measured my penis yet, since I only have used it for about 100 hours in total, but I can already see some changes. It feels a bit longer and thicker already. Im super-exited, and cant wait to hopefully reach 8" before summer. Thank you for making this wonderful product! Im super-happy so far!

Comment: I am on day two of my usage with the Phallosan Forte and let me tell you, this experience is incredible. I ordered the product at night on the 29th of March and two days latter the package arrived on my doorstep exactly like promised; talk about service! The first thing I noticed, like most is the incredible comfort. I tried using the S***G******* extender before (and like a fool bought the pricier deluxe extender). What a waste of money! It now collects dust in my drawer, but like all things we have to invest some money to find out what will bring us our return on investment. Let me save you my mistake and tell you forget about the extenders. They are bulky, uncomfortable and not worth the money. I remember the "comfort" strap they called a "noose" and boy, what a appropriate name! I felt it constricted me in all the wrong ways. Not a fun experience at all. Unfortunately because of the lack of comfort you are unlikely to want to use the extenders. Yes, they wor! k but why would you want to torture yourself to a healthier, fuller, lengthier penis? Save yourself the trouble. I am wearing my Phallosan right now as I am typing this and I am off to start on some programming homework for my second degree (I have an engineering education so you know I do my research and analysis of products prior to purchase). If you are unsure about what to buy I urge you to spend the investment in this product. It is worth it if you are truly after change in the most comfortable way possible! Good luck!

Comment: Purchased a phallosan Forte on the 15/02/16 the drawbar broke after approximately 6 weeks use. To that point it had been working excellently, very comfortable to wear & definite gains in a relatively short time frame. I wore the phallosan forte for approximately 14 hours daily & other than having to go to the toilet it was working well. However the drawbar on the phallosan forte broke during normal wear. Contacted phallosan forte & their reply time was outstanding, I was contacted approximately 1 hour later. I have been asked to send pictures of the problem & am currently awaiting the outcome. I am looking forward to how quickly they replace the defective component.

Comment: I've only had this a few weeks so I can't say much on results. But the product is extremely comfortable, and the customer service is absolutely wonderful. Best I've ever received. Thankful customer here!


Comment: Have only been using it a couple weeks, so I'll have to update later with results, but it is quite comfortable to wear. As with anything, there's a bit of a learning curve, but it wasn't hard to figure out, and the instructions were good. I had a problem with a broken part, and they immediately sent out a replacement with zero hassle, which is what prompted me to write this. I know these little parts probably don't cost much to manufacture, but it's nice that they support their product, and that customer service isn't a totally dead concept in this day and age. This is important to know before shelling out that much money, since many companies would just take your money, leave you on your own, and charge big bucks to help you later on.

Comment: I had some correspondence with the service team. After a minor hiccup with the spam mail folder, they answered my question and I was very happy with their response. I will be ordering as soon as I finish this testimonial. Looking forward to the product arrival so I can start using it.

MOD: Thank you very much. We hope that you make an update to your testimonial when you start using our product. PHALLOSAN service.

Comment: Last year I suffered tremendous trauma with necrotising fasciitis that involved an 80% loss of penile skin and significant scarring. I also had a very badly done skin graft that has added to the scarring. The consultant who is now looking after me Mr Ardeshir Vahidi at Kettering General Hospital suggested in a conversation to my urologist that it was possible that a penis stretching device might help with softening the scarring. As a result of this I did some research and found your product. I have been using it since January and it has completely softened the scarring in one particularly bad area. It has made significant improvement that will facilitate my future surgery. Because of the contraction and tethering of the penis it is not particularly comfortable to wear. I try to wear it for 5 hours a day during the week and have the weekends off. The gentle traction and vacuum has clearly done something remarkable. Mr Vahidi is a remarkable surgeon who thinks outside the box. I know he will be pleased with these results when I see him again in April. I also thought that this is a use for your product may be something new and others could benefit from and possibly further research would be useful. Unlike other devices your is very flexible and therefore allows for it to be used in a non-conventional way. It has worked for me!

Comment: This is my 2nd review, I've owned the Phallosan for about 2 months now. I had to change my rating to 5 stars from the 4 previouslyou given. I can't reiterate enough on how comfortable this device is. A few years ago I bought the S*** G******** device but could never achieve the comfort level that I'm getting now with the Phallosan. I was constantly taking it on and off because it just started to hurt after anywhere from 2-4 hours wearing it. There was almost no mobility while wearing it. It was hard to walk, sit, put your shoes on, anything really. The Phallosan has changed all that for me. I can see why it's recommended to wear 10-12 hours at a time. It is SO comfortable. After just a couple minutes of getting used to the stretch it like it's not even on anymore. You have pretty much total mobility. I haven't had any problems at all. And the best thing is that you can wear this publicly without there being any suspicion which was impossible to do with the Size G! enetics. Should have bought this first! Wow, just wow... Great job with this!

Comment: I highly, highly recommend Phallosan forte! The solution is nothing less than ingenious; it is comfortable to wear and it does seem to produce the desired results. And not only that: customer service is outstanding with quick and highly efficient handling of requests.

Comment: I will strongly recomand Phallosan forte not only because of the service that they offer but olso because it's working. I've got mine on 10th December 2015 and until now I grow my penis with 4 cm. I needed some time few accessoires and they were very quick with sending, the personal,specially Julian it's very kind and help full with his clients. I thank Phallosan forte for they promptitudiny and quick service.

Comment: Just received the Phallosan yesterday. I am amazed at how comfortable it is compared to my Size Genetics penis extender. It's like I'm not wearing anything. My only problems with this new device are the split ring that goes around the bell housing seems to slip off more than I'd like and the glands protector sleeve should be longer. Maybe an inch or so. I am average sized, but the protector barely goes past the head of my penis. Unlike the video's that are on your site showing it go about an inch past the head of your penis. If these 2 problems were fixed, definitely 5 stars.

Comment: I'm a little late to the party - I should've left this awhile ago. First off a major shout out to "Julian." If you've had any communication with Julian then you already know, you won't find anyone else who values your business more than him/her (I'm not sure the gender, sorry). I remain thoroughly impressed with the way in which they ameliorate your issue as expeditiously as possible - given the distance from the states. If you are still walking around with some other device on that's tearing your member off - you have two options 1) kill yourself 2) Wise up, purchase a Phallosan and stick with it. You will see results. And EQ gains are practically immediate! -Julius

Comment: So far great response and support. Love the product light learning curve 4-5 uses then great and comfortable except to pee.

Comment: They have a really good customer service team. A part broken the tension clip and in no time it was at my door step. It is very comfortable to wear unlike other devices. I have seen over an inch gain in length also in girth is thicker in the little time that I have used it.

Comment: I first started using Phallosan 2 years ago, and I was keeping pretty good records of some pretty gpod gains in several months of use. There were some issues which led me to stop for a while, and I lost most of my records due to computer problems. I've just started again and found my initial measurements, and I have to say that this method works! My first measurement with stretching from pubic bone was 19.1 cm, and is now 23.6cm. From memory before I stopped for six months it was over 24cm. So many people will want to tell you that products like this don't work, but yes, they do! Happy hung customer.

Comment: Would just like to say that I recently purchased their product and when I opened it I dropped a part and accidentally stepped on it which resulted in breaking it. And then contacted them to find out how to replace the part and what I needed to do to pay and reorder it . they asked me to send the photos of the damage so I did. Next thing I know I received an email where they had shipped out to me placement for the broken part at no cost to me, I was very surprised. is that I broke the peace and they replaced it with no questions asked the very solid company stands behind the product and their customer service which is phenomenal. I have yet to try the product but if it's anything like your service I'm sure I will be more than pleased

Comment: 5 stars to Phallosan Forte support team for their prompt response and action to replace a faulty pump. They replied to my situation and request within 8 hours and i am sure they replied immediately probably at the start of the work day in Europe (time difference between Europe and Australia). Thanks support team, you are stars.

Comment: PHALLOSAN forte really works! I've had significant gains in both length and girth! Not only does this device produce results; but it's also well-made and comfortable to wear. That's why I look forward to strapping it on every day! And if you should ever need assistance (as I have) with the PHALLLOSAN forte, you will have to look NO further than the Customer Support Team! They truly believe in the quality and reliability of their product--and they stand behind that by quickly responding to any inquiries. So if you're looking for a superior-grade device that delivers results, and is backed up by outstanding customer service, then PHALLOSAN forte is for you!

Comment: Hi, Im a french guy, I just received Phallosan 1 week ago. It took 4 working days to have it. Pretty fast considering the distance. for the moment, i wear it like 6 hours at work and between 2 to 4 hours at night. At the beggining it was hard to understand how to use it, but with practice it become easier. I let u know how my penis evolve in few weeks. If u have some question, let me know.

Comment: using this stuff 2 months. it' s very very comfortable. thankful for phallosan forte. and 0.5 cm gained ps: i've already used an another extender for about 7 months. gained 2 cm. too much pain.

Comment: I had a problem with sleeves and received a response regarding replacement within hours. Now that is GREAT service. Apart from that, the product is superb. Easy and comfortable to use and it works.I saw immediate gains and over several months, the results have been impressive. Plus 1/2 inch in length from moderate use only.

Comment: So far been wearing the Phallosan for 1 day and have got 15 hrs wear already (night time during sleep and again in the office). So much more comfortable than the old traction device I was using - constant traction without pain even while sleeping. A small learning curve to get used to the application but I am sure will get used to it in time. I hope it continues to survive but so far so good! I was getting used to the traction device (Male Edge) which itself was better than the Size Genetics but the Phallosan is in a different league. I can concentrate without pain after 1 hr - in fact need to change only when you need to go to number 1! And getting extra hours while sleeping means the gains continue! Expensive but so far worth it (after 1 day!! - lets see if this continues)

Comment: I must say the phallosan forte is the most comfortable extender I have ever used by far. I wear it for about 6 hours while sleeping no problem . Awesome product

Comment: I have had the device since june 6th and I have worn it every day for 8 - 12 hours. I have gained a half inch in erect length so far and I am very happy with the device. With bone press measuring I have gained an a little over an inch already. I have gained 1 cm in girth also. My only complaints are the condoms rip. I have been through three in less than a month and I always make sure to use baby powder to prevent ripping. Perhaps its because i use large cap with medium condom? Thats why I don't give it 5 stars... I am a real customer- this is not an attempt at marketing. If you have the will power to wear the phallosan forte, it will work. Don't measure yourself everyday. It is discouraging ..best of luck

Comment: Phallosan customer service has been attentive and courteous, they have been quick to correct any defective equipment with a working replacement. It would be nice if it was possible to order replacement parts directly from the website without having to contact customer service. Parts do were out with with time. All in all it is a quality product.

Comment: I've only use it for 300 hours now and I couldn't be happier..gained 2 centimetres and my erections are rock solid by far the best device in the market. Only down side is the condoms break easily but with good care they can last pretty long. I'd recommend it to anyone

Comment: THIS IS A MUST BUY PRODUCT FOR ALL MEN WANTING BIGGER, FULLER , HARDER PENIS! I am going to write a longer, more helpful review later but I just quickly want to share my experience. I went from 6 inch avg girth to 7.5 inches! more than avg girth in 3 months of daily use!!!! I wear it at night and wrap my penis with a sock to prevent any discomfort. This device also corrected my curved penis issue! this product is truly a life saver! and wow what top notch customer service! I love you guys! I will be uploading pictures soon.

Comment: Had mine for 6 weeks now, and it is working great. I haven't had any of the issues that others have had -just put it on and off I go. I have to switch pull sides about every 2 hours, but it is so simple that there is no hassle. Easy and discrete to wear. I even feel like I've seen some gain in this short time!

Comment: Tried other products, this is by FAR THE MOST COMFORTABLE!! Their service is unbelievable, they reliably answer e-mails with any questions within 24-48 hours, with detailed and excellent responses. Couldn't be happier with the product and service.

Comment: Comment: On ordering the product it took only 2 weeks to arrive which was really good. I had one small problem, which was sorted out swiftly by customer services i rate them very highly. The kit is well made and alot more comfortable than the traditional traction devices and can wear for longer periods of time. As for results its to early to tell as this is my first week going to keep with it and see what happens i have great hopes for this. I find the two year warranty a good thing in the unlikely event something does break i know they will replace it. Being only available direct u can be assured you are getting the real thing. But would like really if there was a uk stockist but not a show stopper.

Comment: Product works well and warranty is the best I have seen used in along time.I has helped me with my devastating bout with pyronies desease. Thank you

Comment: You will never find better customer service anywhere. Jullian is the absolute best, without question, with regard to standing behind his product. His number one goal is to ensure that all customers receive first-class customer service, and he always addresses any problem in a timely and efficient manner. I have purchased items from hundreds of businesses over many years, and this business is truly in the top 1% with regard to ensuring customer satisfaction. I'm not one to typically write reviews but felt strongly about doing so for this outstanding business.

Comment: The Phallosan forte is an amazing product! I've had one for about a year now and the gains keep coming, (along with my wife)! I wish I would have known about this product years ago. My life is so much better now. The price would be a bargain at twice the price, if you've been thinking about getting one don't wait a another day, order one today, your spouse will love you for it!

Comment: I have found the Phallosan Forte to be an all around incredible device. Very comfortable to wear for long periods and is the only thing I have found in years of searching that actually works. Along with the gains in size I am also very happy to say the Phallosan has actually helped my performance in bed. Amazing, better than in my 20s. Customer service is the best in the business! Thankyou for changing my life

Comment: Superb customer service, e-mails are answered in less than 24 hours. Phallosan forte and all parts are covered with a two year warranty incase of any accidental mishaps on the users part. I love the device!

Comment: The phallosan is great and Julian is an awesome representative of it. The device itself is extremely easy to wear, comfortable, and really helped me with my gains. I put in 3500 hours in the device and the customer service and support on the PE Gym phallosan support thread was fantastic from the start. Thanks Julian :)

Comment: Just received a week ago. Had problems with the belt. They quickly sending me a new. Customer service is great. Can't wait to get started.

Comment: I have found the Phallosan Forte to be a great product. I keep the sleeve powdered with baby powder each day, but not always each time I remove it. Often I wear it to work and have to remove and reapply it several times a day to use the bathroom. I wear my shirt untucked and it is invisible. Wearing the belt is how the stretch occurs. You pass your penis through the foam ring and wrap the belt around your waist and hook the clasp from the bell to the clasp on the end of the belt. Then you monitor the length of the belt according to how far the posts extend out. This tension is shown by a color coded sticker on the posts. Green, yellow and red. My flaccid hang is almost 2 inches longer since I started wearing the Phallosan. I easily wear it for 12 hours a day. I have had no issues with it except when I forgot to lock the bell in the lock position instead of the pump position. This does not reflect poorly on the Phallosan, but rather on me.

Comment: I have tried many different options over the years. Pills, exercises you other stretchers but till I came across this one, I must say I am very impressed. I wear everyday at night. No problems, very comfortable. Cant wait to see the results in the future. All day or all night device or even both. Thanks again for making a quality product. I give it a five stars for comfort. Just started a month ago so results are a little earlier to tell.

While I've only used the product for a few weeks I have seen flaccid gains which I'm happy about. The product is very comfortable and easy to wear all day under clothes. The only time I don't wear it is when I workout. As far as customer service goes, this company is superb. I receive emails back the following day consistently. I also accidentally asked for the wrong size condom sleeves and they quickly resolved the issue free of charge. I look forward to my future progress with this product.

Well, where to start huh? Average size guy, both height, weight and penis size. Then life caught up with me and such, and the mid section fat and marriage of 20 yrs. Finally discovered a chat forum that offered up a bit of everything I was searching for......relationship advice, exercise advice and BEST of all penis enlargement. Well, to fast forward, I ended up with a Phalloson and couldn\\\'t be more pleased. To offer up a device that is basically stealth and requiring minimal effort...... I was in. So at a 1000 hrs in I\\\'ve gained almost .75\\\" inch in length and .25\\\" inch in girth.....this bundled with some light stretching and pumping on occasion. Can\\\'t wait to see my final results. Oh, by the way....started at 6\\\"x5\\\". With this being ONLY FDA device in the USA.....it\\\'s really a MUST IF your goal is enlargement. The customer service is top notch too. Thanks so MUCH, DrpepperII

I am 43, suffered from erectile dysfunction and had to take a lot of medications which only helped a little. Since i have Phallosan forte i was able to leave the medical treatment. Really happy!!!!!!!!!!!

Very helpful customer service hotline, thanks

I ordered the product 4 days ago and it already reached me from Europe to Australia. Really fast shipping! lets see how happy i will be thats why only 4 from 5 stars !

Gained 1.4 inch in just 5 Month, wuhoooooo! Thanks Phallosan

Great great great great product and customer service

I tried different stretchers and Pills (never buy pills!) . This product here helped me and my relationship! I love ....made in Germany

At first my sleeve condom broke and i wan really angry but the customer service replacet it on the same day and now it already lasts since 4 month. great customer service, thanks !

I had many different Products, no matter what others say, Phallosan forte is the best one i ever had :-)